At Vision Expo East 2014, Gold & Wood - the global benchmark of exceptional Eyepieces is launching its newest superstar!

Forever trying to bring the wearer closer to the magical world that surrounds us, the craftsmen at Gold & Wood dreamt up yet another exceptional Sunpiece. This has resulted in a singular aesthetic frame that provides a combination of rich materials and powerful emotions.

With the amalgamation of precious woods, high-tech materials and vibrant colours, Hercules offers an exclusive comfort and style that is bound to please the senses in every way possible.

The insertion of aluminum at the heart of this double-bridge mount emphasizes its elegant lines and ensures a perfect fit for the face.

Contemporary in design and combining exotic wood veneers and aluminum, this newest model is a bright new superstar in Gold & Wood's array of noble Sunpieces begun with the Haris model. The process of controlled lamination glued under hyperbaric pressure, perfected by the magicians at the Luxembourg factory, allows this iconic Eyepiece to magically transition from a dream into reality.