WOOD: the soul of our eyepieces

soulofeyepiecesNoble and authentic, wood is a material which takes us on every continent. As a symbol of a civilization, of a people or of a country, it can express a wide range of feelings, it reflects our evolution over time. 

We draw our strength and the richness of our products from the heart of the most precious woods around the world. Trees have a story, they carry an experience; wearing wood means preserving a tradition and claiming values. You are an eco-responsible consumer, conscious of the world around you and looking for a frame combining a natural substance with luxury; we welcome you in the Gold & Wood fellowship. Our different woods are considered valuable because of their extraordinary and very rare character. Some of them can only be exploited once reaching maturity, and this after a few scores of years. Rarity explains the often high price of many of these fine woods. They have fine graining and are harder than regular woods, with an exceptional natural aesthetic character.
 Wood as a living material, gives each creation a unique value: in fact, the color of your frame varies slightly over time, the graining of the same wood differs from one part to another. Therefore, no frame will ever be strictly similar to the other.