This is a natural material made of keratin, used since the Bronze Age (4000 BC) for the manufacturing of products such as mouthpieces of musical instruments, combs, knives and jewelry adornments. For lovers of nature and animals, we specify that the Indian water buffalo horns which we use, are raised on farms for meat consumption. In the wild, the water buffalo is an endangered species, while in its domesticated form is one of the most common animals in Asia. Working on buffalo horn is complex, it requires craftsmen using sophisticated techniques passed down by generations of artisans Entirely hand carved, our frames are hypoallergenic, particularly suited to the holders with sensitive skin. Their lightness is unrivaled, their silky touch and their sparkling colors give each frame, a wealth of tones and exceptional moiré pattern. We keep the «Health Certificate», accompanied by the results of animal inspections, with each of our horns imports.